About Lone Star eCommerce

Our Vision

At LoneStar eCommerce, we specialize in online marketing made easy for eCommerce businesses. We’re a leading provider of eCommerce online marketing solutions, helping hundreds of thousands of eCommerce businesses across the US and globally.

We save our clients time, frustration and money, by providing all the eCommerce online marketing they need, all designed to work together, all from a single provider.

Our comprehensive ecommerce seo packages include: online listings management, ecommerce website design, development and management, search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, online and mobile display advertising, social media marketing campaigns, and online review management and more.

At LoneStar, our clients get the advantage of our one-on-one service, unmatched partnerships, and cutting-edge technology that is well beyond what most small- or medium-sized businesses could normally afford. 

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Our Values


We are 100% transparent in all our relationships with you. We tell you the investment upfront. NO SURPRISES! We also show our work and how we do it. We don’t try to upsell you on shit (excuse our french) you don’t really need.


We would rather turn down your project no matter how lucrative it is, than to deliver sub-par work. If you asked us to do things we know we could not deliver in excellent quality, we will tell you the truth upfront.


We deliver when we say we would deliver. We never miss deadlines. When you send us an email, you can be assured 100% that we will respond to it. Might be in 10 minutes, or it might take a day or two if it needs additional research, but you will get a response 99% of the time in 24 hours or less.

Why Us ?


For a lot of seo agencies, the SEO strategy needed for an ecommerce website is treated no different than any other business. This is where our 10+ years of experience in the ecommerce world makes the difference for your bottom line.

We know the journey from manufacturer to customer intimately. We know how to find motivated searchers and market to them. We know how to build ecommerce websites that search engines love. We know what it takes to profit from online search.

We are unique in that we practice what we preach Literally! Because we run our own online stores to truly understand the challenges of selling online. Our stores are testing environments for new marketing ideas and tools before we recommend these to our clients.

So we truly do live and breathe eCommerce!

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